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MAROKKA supports Dogs on the Streets ( DOTS) with donations from Frank Sales and marketing and branding services.

Marokka supports Dogs on the Streets (DOTS) in COVID-19 Welfare Rescue Service


There are many silent and hidden victims of the COVID-19 crisis; it is well publicised that the homeless community and victims of domestic violence must be supported, protected and cared for, and so must their pet dogs be.


Marokka is delighted to announce its support for Dogs on the Streets (DOTS), a voluntary run and not-for-profit charity is dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community and families in trauma, through the provision vet care, food, water, as well as offering foster care at their sanctuary to the dogs in times of need.



Through the COVID-19 crisis DOTS is continuing its service but with some adaptations:

Pet food is being delivered to locations from where it can be collected. It is important that our clients' pets are on regular, reliable, healthy diets.


Vet care is now primarily emergency only. All of our stations are now closed except for The Strand, as London is such a huge source of need.  But those who attend our other stations have our number and know that we will refer them to supporting local veterinary practices. We are able in some cases to conduct consultations by telephone.  We can also deal with repeat prescriptions.


The DOTS 3 acre 64-kennel sanctuary is being used to support the rough sleepers who have obtained emergency COVID-19 accommodation but who cannot take their pets with them. This facility is open to UK wide rough sleepers.


DOTS is additionally supporting the London Ambulance Service but providing a fostering service within its sanctuary for pet owner that are hospitalised.


DOTS is also offering sanctuary places to the pets of NHS workers who need support in this difficult time.


DOTS continues to visit our rough sleeper clients, and those without pets too, who need basic humanitarian help such as food and water for themselves.

DOTS is led by Michelle Clark, who prior to the launch of DOTS back in 2017 had already been running a street outreach programme for 5 years, tending to the needs of the homeless with dogs, she has steadily built up a strong rapport and in-depth knowledge of their true needs.


DOTS provides a permanent and regular service for the homeless dog owning community, operating weekly in London as well as running regular services in other major UK cities with a view to expand even further.


DOTS has fully equipped mobile veterinary surgery vehicle allowing ease of access to dogs in need, ensuring all the essential items and services are provided for free each and every week, from food provisions, new harnesses and leads, as well as training and grooming sessions. 


Michelle has been involved in a number of cases where she has been successful in getting homeless people and their dogs off the streets for good and hopes to do more of this in the future as she explains:


“The powerful bond between these owners and the dogs is inextricable- one is nothing without the other. Their dog is their lifeline and loyal companion. It is my belief that

every creature, human or canine, deserves a roof over their heads in a humane society.”


DOTS relies on donations to support the work they carry out. To find out more about how you can help, visit DOTS’ website:


Charlotte Clout, Commercial Director of Marokka said:


“Supporting charities and good causes underpins everything we do at Marokka, the more I learn about the dedication and hard work of everyone at DOTS, the more I am compelled to offer our unwavering support through percentages of our profits of our signature sculpture Frank, as well as marketing and branding services.

For further information and images please contact: Cora Kemp, / 07903481131

​About DOTS

Founded in 2016 by Michelle Clark, Dogs on the Streets is a multi-award winning and UK’s main charity that supports rough sleepers and the homeless community with dogs.


Run by volunteers, DOTS team comprises Vets, Vet Nurses, Dog Trainers, Groomers and Nutritionists. As a RCVS registered vet practice DOTS offers all first triage care at these ‘street ran stations’ from its high tech ‘vet van’.


DOTS operates mobile weekly street “stations’ across London, Oxford, Kent, Milton Keynes, Bournemouth and in a partnership with a housing project Birmingham with further stations opening during 2019, Services offered include food and dietary advice as well as providing vital accessories like coats, bedding, collars and leads, and help for owners.


DOTS creates pathways to their rehabilitation to overcome many mental health issues, which can often only be achieved with their dogs by their side.


Working tirelessly, DOTS aim is to find permanent accommodation for rough sleepers and regularly represents clients and their dogs with services/ borough councils. Many refuse housing when offered simply because it is not dog friendly.


In the event of an owners’ illness or hospitalization, DOTS is fortunate to have foster care kennels on 3 acres of land where's the dogs spend the day outside socialising, exercising and enjoying playtime with a team of experienced high-end dog behaviourists and trainers. DOTS covers all costs when fostering their dog, giving peace of mind to the owner.


For more information on DOTS, visit


About Marokka


London design house Marokka are a luxury brand who create hand finished geometric sculptures. By applying sustainable processes, they aim to produce eye-catching objects. At the heart of the company’s values is the desire to bring happiness to their customers while simultaneously being considerate towards the environment.


With backgrounds in design and technology, Marokka are naturally intrigued by the structure and geometry of the things around us. By working from the inside out, they give new life to conventional shapes by reverting them back to the DNA of their inner, architectural form.


Every design is innovative and unique; Marokka’s designs are not bound to any particular form and size, and so their production methods must be modified to suit. The inherent angular shape of each design presents a huge challenge to engineering and production, meaning reproduction is very difficult. Working with manufacturers and craftsmen in both Italy and the UK, Marokka’s designs are brought to life by a whole team of brilliant people with a passion for design and excellence. 


For more information on Marokka, visit