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Handmade Natural Wax Candle

Ava - Our Earthy Fragrance  made with delicate Orange Blossom, Mandarin Tea, spices, Lily vanilla, mugent and musk .

Our candles are created by recycling wine bottles from our Kentish Vineyards. We live in a society that throws away too much and we wanted to reduce landfill and reuse them and make something beautiful.

The bottles are all cut by hand to create the base. This is then filled with 100% Natural Wax and finest candle oils.

We wanted Natural Wax as we can even trace ours back to the farmer so we know it is farmed sustainably and responsibly . 

Not content with leaving it as this we wanted to create something you could also use afterwards for storage .

Taking our Cheetah design we created a mini version of her as a Nickel Pewter Charm then handmade a Black or White Lid.

Giving back is at the heart of what we do so also

  • 10% from every purchase goes to the Ashia Cheetah Conservation in South Africa
  • 260g 40 hours burning time. 


Reuse the jar and lid afterwards for storage in your bathroom, kitchen or office . 

Buy a separate refill and just add your lid back on. 

Free Gift wrap and personalised message please just ask in comments.