There are lots of plastic things in the world, so we wanted to know that if we made any more they'd be eco friendly, and people wouldn’t ever want to throw them away. We wanted our sculptures to be made with thought, care and precision, not just dropped off the end of some faceless production line on the other side of the world.

Our multi faceted designs, with their angles and edges, are extremely hard to make. In Italy we found a team of craftsmen that share our passion for design, and who embraced the challenge of creating an aluminum die capable of faithfully reproducing them.

In the die, our sculptures are rotation moulded in specially prepared recyclable plastic. Each piece is hand finished, with the seams painstakingly removed and cleaned, and the surface carefully flamed. It is a slow and precise process.

Each sculpture bears the Marokka logo, as a hallmark of its authenticity and the care that went into its creation, and comes with a certificate attesting to its authenticity.