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Our cheetah print Ava is our Queen of Marokka. 

She is absolutely breath taking in this 7 framed motion high definition lenticular showing her power and grace in flight.

Only 50 being made and all with a certificate of authenticity.

540mm x 840mm

The characteristic and unique design of Marokka is expressed in this multi-polygonal and multifaceted shape. The images within the lenticular portray the cheetah at its most elegant, in a position ready for hunting .

The proposed geometry is that of polygonal triangulation with its characteristic facet of lights and shapes combined with the geometry of the Voronoi.

Geometric Lenticular Print Art

Depending on viewing angle each lenicular works as magnifying glass. It zooms a piece of graphics which is underneath. The whole cluster of such  lens gives a view of the whole  picture. Changing the angle of viewing causes the changing of images under the lens. It gives a sensation of motion or depth. 

A 3D sensation is possible.

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